Quebec Wager Goes too Far

It has been reported that there is a sport wagering website that has started to take in bets regarding the outcome of the strike of the Quebec students. This is not the problem, the problem is the fact that the wagering scenarios and outcomes start with funny, and ends with the scary ones. The concept of the bet is when will the student end their strike and end their classes’ boycott. Another thing is the possibility of a referendum on tuition hikes and finally whether the govt. is going to back down or stand its ground.

As for the scary scenarios, it set for the possibility of martial law to be implemented in Quebec. This option has never been discussed in public through the mainstream media. It was limited to online chats and forums. This is considered the first time that this suggestion be presented to the public. Although, it seems that the people don’t see this happening any time soon and the odds are against the occurrence of martial law by 5.5 to 1. On the other hand, it is not all pessimistic scenarios, as there are some odds that stated that the strike will actually end by September. The odds so far are 50-50, as it sets equal odds for the Quebec govt. to go on with or refuse the legislation that is causing all of this, Bill 78.

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