PS3 Slim’s New Look and Upgraded Hard Drives Available in Japan

PS3 Slim

Sony, Japan’s leader technology innovator, declared that they will launched and sell a latest version of the popular game system PS3 Slim. Unfortunately, Japan is the only market set to acquire slim type of PS3 at this point. Japanese gaming aficionados can expect to see the latest PS3 Slim on the store in selected locations by the end of the month. This means that American and Europeans may not grab these recent Sony gaming console anytime soon according to some industry experts. Sony still mum and has not provide any information about their future market releases, only stating that sales and demand will be the key deciding factor whether or not it makes it to foreign shores. However, there has also been no sign of price reduction on the older PlayStation device.

The recent and powerful version features a sleek white cover instead of the classic black associated like in the PS3. The game system will be sold and equipped with either 160GB or 320GB hard drives. The price range of the 160GB system is estimated to sell for $340 and the 320GB will start around $399. A DualShock 3 white controller and stand will also be provided with the 160GB version. As of now, the slim type PlayStation is available with a 120GB and 250GB drive for about the same price as the newer models are expected to have. Sony will most likely discontinue the older versions.

This recent release follows Microsoft’s updated XBOX 360, which is currently available in black, which is originally available in classic white. The recent version of the XBOX 360 has a 250GB hard drive. Microsoft is planning to release a motion controller called the Kinect in November of this year.

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