Proposed changes in State House Casino Bill to Reduce Gambling

online gamblingProposed changes in State House Casino Bill to Reduce Gambling?

A Florida House sponsored bill that proposes to allow into the state three major resort casinos has been revealed through a series of amendments this week that attempt to appeal to the anti-gambling members in the House.

While changes made to the amendments by Rep. Erik Fresen, R-Miami, are meant to “scale back existing gaming,” Fresen said.  He is also promising that the provisions do not allow for additional gaming ventures.

Promotion of Gambling

Although changes made by Fresen are designed to control the expansion and promotion of gambling within the state, the Florida Senate has been moving in the opposite direction. The Senate had adopted last week amendments that would open the way for slot machines to be allowed in every dog track, horse track and current gambling establishments, with voter approval.

Like the Senate proposed bill, Rep. Fresen’s proposal seeks to admit three mega casino resorts, that is if voters approve the referendum submitted to them. The Senate’s bill being pushed by Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff, R-Fort Lauderdale would allow the mega casino resorts to be able to operate state wide, which has some in both the House and Senate unsure of voters response.

Both bills face an uphill battle to win, as many questions regarding so-called Internet Cafes along with the parlors fate are unknown if either of the bills pass. House Speaker Dean Cannon remains leery that the proposed House bill will pass, as most members seek to reduce gambling across the board.

Casino Whitelist

Some groups are calling for a federally mandated casino whitelist similar to that held by the UK Gambling commission.  Many have stated an interest in including land based casinos in the casino whitelist.

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