Promotions and Revitalizing Customer Interest at Blackjack Ballroom

The latest promotion offered at the BlackJack Ballroom has been announced through its weekly newsletter. This promotion chose two slot games that are fun to play, but aren’t that popular or famous to the players of the BlackJack Ballroom. So it is basically two promotions in one. The first promotion is on a slot game called Elementals. This promotion is a long one; it will run from the 21st of April until the 26th of April. On these mentioned days, five players will win, these five will be the players who played and wagered on Elementals the most. Each of them will win 100 dollars. In order to become a part of this promotion, players will have to make a minimum deposit of 20 dollars during the period of the promotion.

As for the game itself, logically, it has four elements representing the symbols, Air, Earth, fire and Water. Other symbols are represented by different fruits. As for the scatter symbol, it gives the lucky players twenty free spins accompanied by doubling the payout. It also has a very entertaining bonus game; this game would double the payout after each successive win. All of these features guarantee a fun filled and a lucrative gaming experience.

The second promotion involves a game called Cashanova. Coming from its name, it presents a romantic rooster trying his best to seduce the hen he loves. The Rooster’s name is Roger, loves a lot of things, for example, whipped cream, fruits, champagne and corn. All of these things he wishes to share with his love, Henrietta the hen. The promotion will last for only two days the 21st and the 22nd of April. On these days, 10 players will be chosen randomly from people who played at Cashanova. Each one will win a prize of 100 dollars. Same rules apply as the players will have to make a 20 dollar minimum deposit to become eligible for the promotion.

As for the features of the game itself, it’s known for its amazing visual and audio animation. It has a 15,000 coins fixed jackpot and a bonus game that gets triggered by omelets. This bonus game can give the lucky players up to fifteen free spins with a 5 times multiplier to the payout as a bonus.

On a side note, in April, Blackjack Ballroom internet casino has had a lot of big wins. For example, the biggest win was on Tiger’s eye, a slot game. The lucky player won a grand total of 9,019 dollars on the 13th of April.

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