Professor Falken, How About a Nice Game of Global Thermal Nuclear War?

MMOWGLI The Department of State is hosting a gaming conference May 27-28.  Unfortunately, this will most likely not involve President Obama playing Call of Duty against Congress, but instead will focus on Serious Games.  These are games that offer a productive out come for society such as educational games and in the case of MMOWGLI, a little bit of military warfare.

MMOWGLI stands for massively multiplayer online wargame leveraging the internet.  A lot of words meaning a video game that collects military intelligence ideas from everyday end users (game players) to combat real life military scenarios.  In other words, Jace Hall could use his mad gaming skills to save the world.

MMOWGLI is the brain child of Garth Jensen a former science advisor to the Pentagon and currently the Director of Innovation at the Naval Surface Warfare Center.  If you are interested in registering for the project check out this link:


If you can’t make it to the conference you can view it via live streaming at this link May 27-28:


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