Privatized Space Exploration Now Hiring

zuckerberg spaceshipIt has been a bad couple of months for space exploration.  First, NASA loses out on funding for space vehicles and now the Paul Allen Space Array is shutdown due to lack of funding.  Some may remember the days when space exploration was the driving force in making a country great, now it’s less than an afterthought.

The Zuckerberg Space Armada

Not everyone feels that way.  Privatization of space exploration could still be a bright future for budding entrepreneurs or mind-boggling wealthy investors.  The Zuckerberg spaceship has a nice ring to it don’t you think?

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic has a job posting for Pilot-Astronauts on their website as well as one for head of operations.  There’s also some great diagrams and pictures of their spaceships.



Privatized Space Exploration

Privatized space exploration is happening now and as government funded facilities shutdown, perhaps scientists will move more towards building the largest commercial space exploration company in the “known” universe.

Space X is apparently doing great and have a few job postings of their own.


SpaceX is experiencing significant growth and opportunities are not limited to those listed in our database. SpaceX is primarily an engineering driven company and needs exist for mechanical, electrical, software and aerospace engineers interested in:

  • Rocket engine combustion
  • Turbo-machinery
  • Advanced structural design & analysis (composite and metal structures)
  • Avionics, guidance & control
  • Embedded real-time programming
  • Digital and analog electronics including RF electronics

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