President Obama Wants LeBron James to Wear Bulls Uniform

LeBron James

President Obama, basketball aficionado, still has high hopes that his beloved NBA team, Chicago Bulls, will land basketball superstar two-times MVP LeBron James.

“I think the president still believes that he would look quite good in a Bulls uniform,” said White House spokesman Robert Gibbs and he added: “I hope that does not lead to NBA tampering charges.”

This despite the fact that, in order to play in Chicago, James would have to leave his team, Cleveland Cavaliers — a big city in the politically beloved state of Ohio.

“I think … the people of Ohio and the rest of the country would respect that the president’s going to root for the team he’s always rooted for,” Gibbs said.

James, the most expensive free agent who has put his ultimate services up for bid, is scheduled to declare his decisions Thursday night. But aside Chicago Bulls, a lot of teams wanted to acquire James, which includes Miami Heat, New York Knicks, and New Jersey Nets.

However, James, who hails from Akron, could also just decide to stay in his team that he played for the last seven years.

Gibbs also said that he doesn’t think many politicians base their sporting allegiances on electoral votes. If that were the case, he jokes, everyone would root for Ohio State and Florida to meet in every big-time college sports championship game.

LeBron James’ free agency search has become such a big deal; ESPN will broadcast a one-hour prime time special on James’ decision.

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