Poverty, Hunger, Farmville, Feed the Hungry and the Wrong Kind of Hybrid

“I like to look at the headlines, but I like to keep my eye on the trend lines.” HRC, U.S. Secretary of State




Two years ago in Italy, nations of the world came together and agreed to end world hunger and poverty.  A fairly lofty endeavor and in comments made today at the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, Italy, the Secretary of State stated that she would like to see this happen from ten to twenty years from now.

Food Security

Food security for the world is a growing problem that occasionally sees some positive results, but the core issues of food security should be addressed, dropping water tables across the globe, degraded soil and the focus for many countries is on the wrong kind of “hybrid”.  The solution to world hunger will be found in creating hybrid vegetation that is sustainable in low water conditions and able to survive in multiple climates.  The world has mostly moved away from a migratory lifestyle.

Just like the Navy Seals, if you stop moving, you are a target and for all established nations, they are just as easily targets for famine as are developing nations.  This is a global problem that will not be solved by shipping in foods, or by allocating military to protect crops from going to the control of warlords.  This is a problem that will be solved by a few men and women that have studied agriculture and cross pollination.  The solution will come when every person upon the Earth recognizes that farming is more important than to be an elective.  All solutions will be temporary; turning the desert into lush fields of asparagus is merely a patch.


With sixty-three million people across the planet playing a game about farming, two million farmers in the United States and over nine hundred million going hungry, the irony is thick.

Start simple; make farming just as important as technology and just as important as language studies.  If every child in the United States were to have one mandatory class in agriculture, that would increase the potential for reducing hunger over the next twenty years.  Finding the solution doesn’t have to be complicated, it doesn’t have to be monetized and it may very well come from one person, one young mind, one senior citizen, it could be anyone.

Advancing Food Security

Demography, climate, other problems are militating against our efforts, which therefore requires us to be even more determined. Let’s move relentlessly ahead in advancing food security not only for more of the world’s people, but a goal of all of the world’s people. U.SSecretary of State

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