Polls Show That Las Vegas Shows Contribute to Higher Marriage Rates

Las Vegas ShowsPolls show that a higher amount of alcohol combined with easy access to loose marriage codes leads to higher marriage rates. This has been somewhat of a joke in movies produced by Hollywood, but polls are showing that it is actually true. Las Vegas shows also show to be the number two honeymoon activity for newlyweds, second only to bedroom activities.

The lower percentage of weddings are by those that have actually traveled to Las Vegas specifically to get married. Nearly 80% of weddings that take place in Las Vegas are by inebriated partners that just met. Most of these couples meet on casino floors where alcohol flows freely and others still meet while attending Las Vegas shows.

The number one requested officiator at a Las Vegas wedding is still Elvis followed by an ordained minister. Those that fly to Vegas for their wedding are often using trips that are sponsored by a casino looking to get people into the casino. Couples are enticed by free room stays, free flights and in some cases, free Las Vegas Shows.

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