Police Warn Of Credit Card Thieves In North Huntingdon

Police Warn Of Credit Card Thieves In North Huntingdon

North Huntingdon police are looking for suspects after stealing wallets at grocery stores and then going on shopping sprees.

The first thefts happened Aug. 6 at the Giant Eagle. Four have happened in all. According to the officer in charge, the suspect steal a wallet from a woman while she was busy shopping. On the same day, another victim had her credit card stolen at the pharmacy. All in all, police said that suspects have stolen one credit card and three wallets.

The authority said the suspects steal the credit cards and use them almost immediately at stores such as Target, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. Their purchases add up to nearly $10,000.

North Huntington Detective Thomas Harris said that the two robbers are well-experienced and they only need a second to grab the wallet, grab the credit card and they’re on their way.

“The one lady said, ‘I’m from North Huntington. I live in a safe area. This doesn’t happen here,’ “said Harris.ā€¯Right now we know they’re buying a lot of gift cards, usually between $250-$400 gift cards. There are some grocery, some clothing, but for the most part they are gift cards they’re using.”

Anyone who recognizes the thieves should contact North Huntingdon police.

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