PokerStars Forms the Asian Poker League

PokerPokerStars Forms the Asian Poker League

PokerStars has created the (APL) Asia Poker League which allows regional players to compete against one another in daily tournaments. Cash prizes are being offered for top ranking players. PokerStars has made these tournaments free to play and are offering a prize pool of $500 to be shared among the highest scoring players at the end of each week.

Asian Poker Tournament League Online

As regional players compete, they will earn points that will be tallied daily and will determine the weekly outcome of APL tournaments. The Asian Poker Tournament League Online may only be reached via PokerStars software and by people in the Asian region.

PokerStars Timed Tournaments

PokerStars has also announced Time Tourneys which gives players the ability to select tournaments that are anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours in length. Anyone with a short amount of time but a desire to get into a poker tournament can just log into PokerStars and click on Tourney.

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