PokerStars Deals with POL Cheaters and Consequently Refunds Victims

Online GamblingPokerStars confirmed that the site was able to detect and deal with players who were cheating at the “Pot Limit Omaha (POL)” mid and high-stakes sessions. In line with this, the online poker site reimbursed players victimized by the culprits and so far, paid $50,000 as refunds.

Although the site’s players acknowledge PokerStars’ efforts in carrying out the necessary actions to identify the cheaters, there is an air of discontent pervading at the site. Those affected by the cheating would prefer to know how, when and where the fraudulent sessions occurred, as well as who perpetuated them. Moreover, players are dissatisfied that PokerStars does not disclose how the refunds were determined and calculated.

Actually, these are matters, which PokerStars has repeatedly explained as in accordance with regulatory laws. The online poker company cannot divulge information about the identity or the user ID of the fraudsters, as the site has to follow protocols. PokerStars has to abide by the regulatory proceedings set forth by the Gambling Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man, regarding investigations conducted based on complaints brought forward by players. These instances require the submission of a formal report as well as the rendering of full cooperation from the online poker company.

The world’s leading provider of virtual poker rooms, prides itself for having the best detection methods and poker specialists, all geared towards detecting and catching players who try to break the site’s rules. In fact, PokerStars has established a reputation for taking quick and decisive actions in unraveling cheating attempts and in reimbursing victims of unfair play.