PokerStars Battling Another Attempt to Thwart Its NJ Internet Gambling License

The Rational Group decided to move on with its petition for an NJ gambling license for PokerStars, by entering into a partnership agreement with another Atlantic City casino, The Resorts Hotel; and by abandoning original plans of acquiring Atlantic Club Casino. Yet the ghost of the industry’s unregulated past continues to haunt the Igaming company, as Rational is once again trying to ward off another attempt to frustrate PokerStar’s chances of getting approved for an NJ gaming license.

Kelly Sonnenberg, an Illinois resident who filed a class action suit against Rational in August 2012, had recently served a subpoena to the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE). The subpoena requires the NJDGE to present for examination the documentations submitted by the Igaming company in connection with its NJ license application.

Last week, lawyers of Rational Group filed a motion in the US District Court to quash the subpoena served by Kelly Sonnenberg to the NJDGE. The motion to quash based its argument primarily on theĀ  “stay of discovery” previously granted by a US Magistrate Judge, as Rational Group’s motion to dismiss the class action suit is still awaiting resolution.

Moreover, Rational Group’s lawyers contend that Ms. Sonnenberg “is plainly not entitled” to view the documents, as these were submitted to the NJDGE under regulatory conditions. Such conditions ensure the confidentiality of personal, private and restricted information pertaining to The Rational Group and to PokerStars, as well as all other persons and entities associated with the companies.

The US District Court Judge intends to come out with a ruling over the motion to quash the subpoena, on September 03, 2012.