PokerStars’ Appeal to Reinstate Casino Deal

PokerStars’ Appeal to Reinstate Nixed Casino Deal Rejected by NJ Appellate Court

Pokerstars failed to reinstate the casino purchase agreement terminated by Atlantic Club (AC) casino by filing an appeal. The New Jersey appellate court came out with a ruling last Monday night, upholding the decision handed down by a NJ lower court judge.

Although many expected it would take months before the appellate court comes out with a decision, the matter was apparently, an “open and shut” case. This is considering that the appeal was filed barely two weeks ago by PokerStars’ parent company Rational Group.

In an appeal process, a panel of judges arrives at a decision by studying the briefs submitted by the parties involved together with the documents received by the trial court. Generally, the court will also hear a brief oral argument from the lawyers representing the parties, but will not accept new evidences or hear testimonies from witnesses. The focus of the argument is mainly the legal principles or the rules or procedural steps in contention.

In spite of the NJ appellate court’s quick decision, it came after the deadline for submission of completed application for a license to operate an online gambling website in New Jersey’s territorial jurisdiction.

Inasmuch as Rational Group failed to reinstate the Purchase Agreement terminated by the AC casino owners, PokerStars’ application to acquire ownership of the property is no longer applicable. Moreover, the petition for a license to operate PokerStars in NJ’s jurisdiction, likewise, remains incomplete for lack of a land-based casino in which to run its online poker offering.

As of the moment, Rational Group has not issued any statement on how the company intends to pursue PokerStar’s application before the online gambling launch takes place this coming November.