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Americans like to know where their money is going.  That is why trillions of dollars in debt for the US has sunk tax collections and this is why infrastructures are crumbling.  It eventually becomes a bitter and terrible cycle where US taxpayers are fed up with their money going overseas while they have to drive over shaky bridges and hit that pothole every day on the way to work.  However, “Online poker and online gambling may start to change things for the better for both the US government and taxpayers.”

The White House and Online Poker

The US government has made it clear that vices will be taxed more.  Cigarettes are now taxed at a much higher rate and using that same logic; online poker and online gambling on a state to state basis may be taxed in the same way.  With news from the DOJ about intrastate online poker not being in violation of the wire act nor the UIGEA, the White House and States across the US may begin working faster to get legalized online poker up and running.  In the same way that state lotteries are now being operated as revenue generators for the states, online poker may also begin filling a similar role in the first months of 2012.


Some may see this as a negative turn of events in which the government clenches the gambling industry and shakes it down for money, but it could actually work.  With government control over online poker and online gambling in the first ten years, the industry in the US could become a stabilized and trusted one.  Problem gamblers would also have the support that they would need to protect themselves from an onslaught of online poker and online gambling advertising through the internet with a government run opt out list.

 Taxing Online Poker

Taxing vices such as smoking, drinking and gambling simply means that those that want to express those freedoms must do so at a premium.  That’s something we are used to and most of us don’t mind it that much.  If you know it’s bad for you, then you’ll pay more – same thing we cope with for our health insurance premiums too.


What do you think?  Is higher taxation on online poker revenue a fair trade off for the convenience of playing online poker over the internet?  Let us know on Facebook.





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