Poker Veloce a Fast Hit in Italy

The internet gambling and poker operators in Italy are now on a searching process to find another term to use to identify the newest product to hit the Italy, fast fold poker. “Poker veloce” is the term that is being used by AAMS, the regulator for the newly opened and regulated online gambling market of Italy.

Fast fold poker was approved to enter the Italian market by the AAMS. The regulator defined this game as a cash game that has the fast fold ability. This fast fold ability allows players to be moved immediately to a new table after each hand, thus giving them the ability to play as many hands in the least amount of time. As all the experts in the world of internet gambling estimated, this new game is going to have a fast fold pool of players of a maximum of five thousand players. Each player can have more than one entry with a maximum amount for a buy-in set at one thousand Euros. There are basically the same terms implemented on the normal cash games.

Most of the poker operators in the market of Italy started to pursue this game in order to add it to its gaming content. For instance, iPoker’s version is called Speed Hold’em. Pokerstars’ version is called Zoom Poker. The only major poker operator that was excluded from that list is Microgame’s People’s Network. Although the experts predict that due to the huge popularity of this genre of poker, the operator will eventually pursue it as well.

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