Playtech’s iPoker 2 Internet Gambling Network Operators Collaborate

Playtech’s iPoker network was split on the 4th of September. This split divided the network into two tiers. The top class tier included big companies that included William Hill, Paddy Power and bet365. These were the poker rooms that are able to provide the network with high numbers of real money active players. The second tier contained the small and medium sized companies who couldn’t pull of the criteria for the top tier of the network.

iPoker Internet Gambling

The companies in the second category who didn’t make it to the iPoker 1 Network are rumored to have entered business talks and negotiations in order to form some kind of collaboration in order to adapt to these changes by Playtech. They are discussing what they can do in order to prevent the iPoker 2 Network from being a second grade poker network.

These rumors are now confirmed following the concerns that were stated by the operators. The operators at the iPoker 2 Network stated that the criteria that was used to divide the operators that asked for six thousand active players and 850 new players each month is leaving these companies out in the cold.

The Ecology of iPoker Split

Although no one knows how the split’s ecology will work on the long term but the companies at the iPoker 2 Network are going to start working to together.

Commenting on this, one of the operators from the iPoker 2 Network stated that if the companies at the second network work hand in hand, they will be able to create a concept of poker that will appeal to a large section of internet gambling poker players.

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