Playtech Players Getting Big Wins with Progressives

Playtech ProgressivesPlaytech is known for its online games that have the progressive jackpot feature. Over the course of last week, a lot of the progressive jackpots of these games were hit at different online casinos powered by Playtech. Some of these games were hit rapidity, but others ones gave a six digit number payouts. Starting with the highest payout progressive jackpot, it was on one of the very famous and highly popular Playtech slot games “Gold Rally”. The lucky player who hit the progressive jackpot won a grand total of 340,920 dollars. As for the game itself, is has 9 spinning reels, each one spins independently in a 3 X 3 matrix. The paylines run diagonally, vertically and horizonailly, each payline has three symbols on it. The player would win the progressive jackpot if the 9 symbols on all of the reels are scatter symbols. Although it is a high payout, but it is not the highest one ever won from “Gold Rally”. The highest one was fourteen months ago when the progressive jackpot was a stunning 1.6 million dollars.

Now onto the second largest progressive jackpot hit, it was on yet another famous Playtech game “Megaball”. The jackpot was worth 121,600 dollars. Megaball is an arcade game, its major attraction is that players can play 8 different games using the same draw. Each draw has a six numbered balls having 4 different colors. In order for the player to hit the progressive jackpot, the play has to opt for the jackpot game and choose five balls with a color. When the six drawn balls are the ones that the player chose, he will win the progressive jackpot. This is also not the highest progressive jackpot win ever won on “Megaball”, the highest payout was 2 years ago, it was worth half a million dollar.

The 3rd place progressive jack pot is the “Magic Slots $5”. It secured the third place with a payout worth of 107,320 dollars. The “Magic Slots $5” Is the traditional 3 reel with one payline slot machine, it has a coin size of 5 dollars. The lucky player would win the progressive jackpot if the magician’s gloves & hat symbols appear on each reel with having a wager of 3 coins. When the player collects the 3 wands, he will enter a bonus game. This bonus game lets the player to pick one of 4 magicians and he then receives bonus depending on his choice.

And lastly, a non 6 reel progressive jackpot was won on Playtech Progressive Blackjack. The progressive jackpot payout was worth 97,600 dollars. The player would become eligible to win the progressive jackpot if the player is dealt 4 aces of the same color and suit.

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