Plants May be Cause of Reduction of Water in Atmosphere

atmospherePlants live by breathing in air and excreting moisture through stomata found on their leafs and stems. Recently researchers in Florida have found that plants in their area are releasing less moisture than they have throughout history. The comparison is being done with one hundred and fifty year old peat bogs and the current plants.

The team has found that the plants of today have less of the tiny stomata pores that release the moisture back into the air. Scientists believe that as the atmosphere gains more carbon dioxide, the plants are changing to store more moisture. They have found a direct correlation to the increase in CO2 and the decrease in the number of pores commonly found on plants in Florida.

This is a sign of the deteriorating environment and could cause our atmosphere’s level of water to drop significantly. This drop in moisture would affect the weather and amount of rainfall produced each year. It could also affect agriculture across the world.

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