Pit Bull Shelter Attempts to Reverse Abuse

pitbullsMany people remember the shock and horror upon the discovery of NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s underground dog fighting ring. The majority of these dogs were American Pit Bull Terriers, and lived for nothing more than fighting for their lives, as that’s what their owner taught them. Pitt bulls have always been given a bad reputation as aggressive animals who will turn on their owners, but there are many people who truly believe, and have proven that an animal will behave as they are taught.

Fortunately for these animals, a shelter in Utah was more than happy to take the worst of them and do everything they could to rehabilitate the animals. Three years later, there are updates about many of these dogs. While there is still a few that have a long way to go, improvements can be seen in all of the animals, and many of them are now living more fulfilling lives.

No longer do these animals cower at the sight of humans, but now greet them with wagging tails and plenty of kisses. This just goes to show that a little love and kindness can go a long way and that no case is hopeless.

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  1. I assume you’re referring to Best Friend’s in Utah? Their website has a whole lot more info on the Vick dogs and how they are today.
    They have been for the most part re-homed into multi-dog households, families with kids, working as successful therapy/service dogs having passed their canine good citizens tests – 3 times in the case of Hector.
    Granted, a handful of them were so severely traumatised by what Vick and his nasty friends did to them that some may never leave rehab, hence the judge’s order that Vick pay $1m for their ongoing care.
    Just goes to show that there’s no excuse to continue killing these victims when best practice is plainly to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home.

  2. Mark Whysall | February 14, 2011 at 3:39 am |

    Thank you for your comment Karen.

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