Photoshop Express for Mobile App Photo Editing

Samsung Mobile AppIf you have been searching for a photo editor for your mobile app collection, PS Express, a photo editing app, is the watered-down mobile equivalent of the well-known Adobe Photoshop. While the options that are available in this version do not compare to the options available in the full computer version of photoshop, there are just enough to get the job done, quite satisfactory as a matter of fact.

Users who are both avid photography editors or just looking for a fun way to enhance some photos, PS Express is simple and best of all, easy to use. In a click of a button one will be able to create a dazzling black and white photo or enhance the color by adding more saturation.

With over 20 different options this app allows users to quickly crop a picture to their likely, rotate the photo, straighten it, make is larger or add a simple border to the pictures. Don’t for to share them with friends and family. This is easy to do because PS Express also has the ability to connect and upload the edited photos directly to a facebook, twitter, or account.

This app is great for everyday photography editing on the run. This app is focused on the recreational photographer and advance photographers would be better suited with an app that has more features and capabilities.

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