Peter Parker’s Replacement for Spiderman

New SpidermanPeter Parker’s Replacement for Spiderman

Marvel comics has recently caused somewhat of a controversy with the release of Ultimate Spiderman Fallout #4, which came out Wednesday.  A new Spiderman debuted and introduced the replacement for Peter Parker.

Grief Stricken Fans

Miles Morales now wears the familiar red and blue costume; a half-black, half-Latino kid from Brooklyn.  The introduction of a mixed-race superhero, especially one under such a popular name, has thrilled many readers, who say this change has been a long time coming.  Other readers are quite disappointed in the change as they are still grieving the loss of a long beloved icon.

Green Goblin FTW

Granted, they knew that a replacement was coming after Peter Parker’s death by the Green Goblin two months ago, but after nearly fifty years of nerdy, white orphan Peter Parker saving the day, the change is going to take some getting used to.  The decision to introduce the character was fully supported by all of Marvel’s Ultimate Spiderman staff, especially its editor-in-chief Axel Alonso and Spiderman writer Brian Michael Bendis.

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