Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson Life After a Divorce

Online Dating DatingIt often seems that divorce is more one sided than it is two. That seems to be the case in the recent divorce of. Pete Wentz has repeatedly stated that he was not in favor of the divorce and that he and Ashelee are still close friends.

Those who have ever experienced a break up may find this hard to believe. However when the rocker was asked about his situation he had nothing but kind words to say about the Simpson sister and soon to be ex-wife. The two seem to be taking the break up maturely, focusing solely on their son Bronx who is currently two years old.

While the relationship may be dead the two are committed to remaining friends in order to be a constant and stable part of their son’s life. While the idea is a good one, it is usually hard to maintain, especially if one of them starts dating.

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