Party Poker Updates

PokerThe recent update to the software for Party Poker has actually removed players’ access to the high stakes PLO and NLHE games without announcing this removal in advance.

This new software update and this removal have spurred a lot of discussions about this move, especially on the very famous message board called twoplustwo. Party Poker has responded to these discussions by saying that such move has been taken for the best interest of the users and loyal players of Party Poker.

The company also stated that this move is aiming to improve the poker experience and poker ecology as it is going to minimize and reduce the numbers of sharks. It is also going to allow the bank roll of the recreational player to last for a longer period of time.

Party Poker is not the first poker network to do this as PKR has taken the same moves but after waves of anger and criticism, PKR reinstated the removed games once again. They also started to prevent players from entering these games without being cleared by the security of the company that they can participate.

One of the comments made by posters stated that the poker economy depends on the money wagered by the players with the least experience because they are the ones who lose most of their money. So by focusing on these players and their bank roll will result in a lot of profit and money for the poker operators.

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