Paddy Power Annoucement

Online Gambling in the UKPaddy Power has announced new additions to its senior management staff. These additions were announced to the public by Nigel Northridge, the Chairman of the company. These new appointed managers will have their position effective starting from October of this year. As announced by the Chairman, these additions and appointments show the expansion that the company is undergoing. They will also aid in enhancing the different functions of the group, whether legal or financial related.

Patrick Kennedy, the chief executive office of the group stated that they focus on all the aspects that would help the company grow and expand. He added that these appointments were a vital step in the direction of growing and enhancing their services. He said that these new managers will help them increase their quality and increase and deepen the capacity and the abilities of the company in 3 main categories. These 3 categories are financial, compliance and legal issues.

These appointments included big names, such as Cormac McCarthy who has been appointed as the chief financial of the company and will then become the exec director. He has a background and a career history working in known financial companies and firms. Another name is Jack Massey; he has been the finance director of the company for six year. He has been appointed as the company’s secretary along with being the director of the financial issues. He used to work at IGT Europe as the operating chief and before that, he used to work at the same company as a director of the financial sector.

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