Pacquiao vs. Mayweather: The Fight of The Century Will Not Happen

Since Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao vs Floyd ‘Pretty Boy’ Mayweather Jr. fight seems unlikely to happen this year, the focus immediately jumps to who is going to fight Pacquiao in November 13. The high-caliber Senior Trainer Freddie Roach is confident that Manny Pacquiao will emerge as victorious on November 13 whoever his opponent is, whether he faces off with the controversial Mexican boxer, Antonio Margarito, or the Puerto Rican that he once beaten and current WBA super welterweight champion, Miguel Cotto

Michael Rosenthal, The Ring Magazine staff, asked Roach “would be as if Margarito would be walking into a meat grinder” and the veteran trainer confidently answer back and said “A hundred percent.”

The 49-years old trainer said that he would prefer to see his fighter exchanging bouts with Margarito, just because Cotto had already experienced tha wrath of Pacquiao’s punches last year. “I just think Manny has his (Cotto) number,” said Roach, who guided the pound-for-pound fighter and boxer of the year Pacquiao in destroying the Puerto Rico fighting pride in a 12th-round devastating stoppage. “I think Margarito would be more interesting for the fans. They’ve already seen Cotto,” he said.

“Cotto was in the fight for about four rounds and that was about it. Margarito has been a pretty dominant fighter, except for the (Shane) Mosley fight. Cotto is at a higher weight now. And maybe there’s some interest because of the world title. And, who knows, maybe having Emanuel Steward in his corner will make a difference. That might add some interest.”

Earlier report, the disappointed Top Rank Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum said that he visualize Cotto or Margarito as Pacquiao’s next opponent. Arum’s comments came days after efforts to convince Floyd Mayweather to face his number 1 opponent. However, Top Rank Bob arum said that Mayweather had some 10 days to accept the offer to fight Pacquiao or he will start looking for other options.

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