Organization of US State Legislators Poised to Develop Uniform Policies for Internet Gambling

zynga online gamblingThe National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS), a non-partisan non-profit organization of U.S. state legislators, is initiating the development of a framework of policies that would serve as a useful model of guidelines and procedures in evaluating the merits of regulated Internet gambling. The NCLGS plans to launch its initiative by 2014, as other U.S. states are now contemplating on legislative actions to create laws that will recognize and regulate online gambling, similar to those already enacted by the States of Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada.

NCLGS President Rep. James Waldman of Florida explained that the main objective in formulating a standard outline of Internet gambling policies is to ensure the protection of consumers on a national scale, without the need to wait for federal intervention. The organization as a whole believes that Internet gaming calls for strong measures and effective oversight in maintaining strong consumer protection. Yet they are taking into consideration the right of every state to enact or not to enact laws that legalize online gambling, as well as to allow or not to allow participation in future interstate Internet wagering activities.

Inasmuch as regulated cloud-based gambling could expand throughout the U.S. on a state-to-state basis, creating a framework of uniform Internet gaming policies at the onset will help promote effective regulations and collaboration between states. Representative Waldman disclosed that member legislators intend to consult with industry experts, specialists and gaming regulators regarding issues related to Internet gambling, interstate compacts and problem gambling concerns.