Opera Browser 10.60 Beta – “it will blow you away”

Just a couple of weeks after the debut of the alpha version, Scandinavian browser maker Opera announced their latest offering in the PC browser segment, the beta version of Opera 10.60.

The company said that this is the fastest version of Opera; the browser is equipped with multitudes of new features and improvements. Additionally, the new version of the browser that is claimed to be 50 percent faster compare to the 10.5 version that saw its couple of months ago.

Christen Krogh, Chief Development Officer of Opera Software said, “Opera 10.60 beta is so fast, it will blow you away.”

It also supports GeoLocation, HTML5 (enhanced support now) and the WebM codec. The HTML5 Appcache lets users use some web applications while offline. Old features like the Opera Unite, Opera Turbo, and Opera Link are all still there. The Opera 10.60 beta use icons instead of the usual thumbnail view to enhance the speed of surfing experience. The browser worked together with Microsoft Bing as one of the “default search engine choices.”

The browser comes in handy for all the users of different platforms, such as Windows, Mac and Linux. The beta version of Opera 10.60 has a new feature that includes an updated and user friendly Opera Menu and they also developed the tab previews. It also supported GeoLocation setting that aids which provides more accurate search results that sync with the location and time. The old features of the browsers such as the Opera Turbo, Opera Unite, and Opera Link are still included in the latest beta version.

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