Breaks Away From Oracle, Create LibreOffice Breaks Away From Oracle, Create LibreOffice, the free and leading open source alternative to Microsoft Office, already cemented its presence in the technology industry. In fact, software has set download records on new releases, and estimates suggest it now accounts for about 10 percent of the overall office suite market.

The group of developers decided to fork, “Document Foundation,” the newly independent community that is gearing to fulfill the promise of independence written in the original charter for the project.

The group will single-handedly distribute a version of the open-source office suite under a new name, “LibreOffice.” Even though the group requested Oracle to offer its OpenOffice trademark, they made it clear they’re willing to continue the project without the company.

“We believe that the Foundation is a key step for the evolution of the free office suite, as it liberates the development of the code and the evolution of the project from the constraints represented by the commercial interests of a single company,” explained Sophie Gautier, long-time OpenOffice community member and former maintainer of the French language project, “Free software advocates around the world have the extraordinary opportunity of joining the group of founding members today, to write a completely new chapter in the history of FLOSS.”

While OpenOffice, or LibreOffice, appears to have a bright future, what will happen with the open-source Java and MySQL projects remains somewhat unclear at the moment.

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