Online Privacy, Anti-Pedophile Bill, Phone Tracking

internet advertisingThere are two new privacy bills being introduced to Congress this week in order to help protect people’s privacy while online.  The policies focus on two very different age groups; adults and children.  The bills, dubbed “do not track” rules have created some controversy with web firms like Microsoft and Mozilla, who have already created privacy policies that without being mandated by the government.

The children’s bill, the “Do Not Track Kids Act of 2011” would help protect children under the age of 12 from releasing personal information without their parent’s knowledge.  The bulk o this bill would be geared toward youngsters downloading various application to their mobile devices, they would need their parent’s permission to download certain applications, and teens would have to agree to location services.

The other bill is more general, focusing on all that use the internet, and makes is illegal for marketing companies to track and use information collected from those who have opted not to take part in data collection services.


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