Online Poker Players Inadvertently Get a Glimpse of WSOP’s Real-Money Poker Games

Internet CasinosOnline Poker Players Inadvertently Get a Glimpse of WSOP’s Real-Money Poker Games

Last Wednesday, two American poker enthusiasts mistook the pre-registration campaign as an invitation to all Nevada players, 21 years old and above. Actually, the promotions launched were for the tourney players participating in the 44th World Series of Poker Tournament at the Rio Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Due to a technical glitch, the two poker aficionados who were outside the tournament venue were able to sign-up for account and to deposit real money using their credit card. They were able to go as far as downloading the site’s Mac client software, and even played for real money in a live online poker game, albeit briefly. The live game was subsequently shutdown and the software later popped up with a message requesting the players to delete the poker software. quickly came out with explanations to clear the growing confusion, as other players were able to download the software, but could not access the real money games. The online poker room management expressed appreciation over the players’ enthusiasm in becoming members of the Internet-based poker site, but the successful account opening and software download were inadvertent incidents permitted by a technical glitch.

Nonetheless, the accidental downloads actually gave Nevada’s Mac client gamers more reason to be excited over’s launching day. This is mainly because Ultimate Gaming, which is the only legal online poker currently running live, lacks compatible software to offer Mac client users.  At the least, the experience was still positive, since it gave hopeful and excited online poker players some heads up on how will go about verifying their identity, address and geo-location.