Online Poker a Sport Dominated by Women

women poker playersOnline Poker a Sport Dominated by Women

It seems that the number of women playing poker online is on an increase. According to a study, the numbers of women playing online poker is higher than ever since online gambling first appeared. And as a result of this study, it’s no wonder that a lot of the professional players at high stakes poker rooms are women. It is no surprise, as male dominated jobs in the past are now performed by women with ease.

Vanessa Rousso, Kathy Liebert, Vanessa Selbst, Annette Obrestad

We have Vanessa Rousso from the United States. She is considered as one of the most famous female poker players worldwide.  She went to University in order to acquire a law or an economics degree, and then she went to the professional world of online poker, and she was right to do so. She grossed almost 3.5 million dollars in live tournaments up until 2005. And she won 870 thousand dollars playing regular online poker.

Female Online Poker Players

Another example is Kathy Liebert, an ex stock analyst. She started her poker career back in the nineties. And she holds the title for being the woman to win the most amount of money through live tournaments, as she has an outstanding record of winning exactly 5, 827,393 dollars from 1994. There must be some connection between playing poker and going to law school because another great female poker player, Vanessa Selbst from the United States also went to get a law degree from Yale. Vanessa went to online poker and has has a terrific career since then, in terms of wining. Since the 2006, she made 4.9 million dollars through live tournaments.

Many of the women poker players are known for an aggressive playing style, one of the better known female players who plays with this style is the 23 years old young Norwegian, Annette Obrestad. She has already built quite a reputation for herself in online poker rooms with her aggressive style. She has grossed almost 2.3 million dollars and to further flaunt her skills, she also won the WSOP bracelet when she was only 18.