Online Gaming in Spain 2012

women poker playersAs everyone in the world of online gambling predicted, the biggest problem facing the opening of the internet gambling community in Spain is directly related to regulations and legislation issues. This is the reason behind the joining of the Development of Gaming’s General Director, Mr. Enrique Alejo and the newest Gaming Regulation’ Deputy General, Mr. Carlos Hernandez. The two participations are expected to occur on May 9 at 4:00 pm during the Gaming in Spain 2012 conference.

Another main part of the problem that has caused quite a fuss is the tax related investigation that began weeks back by the National Bureau of Fraud Investigation, also known as ONIF. These investigations targeted a lot of the internet gambling operators in order to identify the proper taxes that went unpaid for the last few years. These taxes included Non Resident Tax, VAT alongside other types of gaming related taxes). It wasn’t only an investigation, but it involved the possibility of implementing extra funds on the companies that were being investigated.

The legalization of any gambling related marketing campaign or advertisements is defiantly an issue to be tacked at the Gaming in Spain 2012. It will be discussed on whether such advertisement would be legal or not. A very huge role is estimated to be played by Autocontrol, a nonprofit association, as Autocontrol is going to take the task of regulating this industry in Spain for no profit. Due to this, the general manager of this association, Mr. José Domingo will attend the event. The Gaming in Spain 2012 will end its activities by featuring the Asensi Abogados and Pedro Lopez’s managing partner, Santiago Asensi. He is expected to talk about the important regulatory problems and other legal issues that would face the newly regulated market of internet gambling in Spain. These problems and legal issued would include the licensing process that operator will have to undergo to have the legal right to operate in the country. He will also discuss the important role of the Development of Gaming’s General Directorate and its future participation in the industry in Spain.

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