Online Gambling Payment Processing Mergers

Credit Card Payment OptionOnline Gambling Payment Processing Mergers

Major news concerning the world of payment processing that will grab the attention of all of players in the online gambling community. This news involves two of the biggest and well known names in the online gambling community over the world. Mazooma, the very famous Canadian online payment processer, and Bigpoint, the global provider for games on the internet that has more than 250 million users.

These two parties mentioned above have struck a deal with each other. This agreement will allow players from the US who play on Bigpoint EUR™ to use Mazooma EUR™ to satisfy all of their instant banking needs. This will help the United States players order and buy the virtual credits that they need to play on Bigpoint EUR™.

This cooperation could be the beginning of a very strong United States business opportunity for Mazooma if things go as predicted in the online gambling community in the US. As it is predicted, there will be a law that will legalize all forms of online gambling in the United States and it is also expected that most states (except Utah) are going to opt in on such law. This will supply Mazooma with a very lucrative business opportunity.

Commenting on such agreement, Bigpoint stated on the word of Linus Menden, that the service of instant online banking is very popular and widely used in Europe. So, they are very glad that they have struck a deal with Mazooma in order to provide such service to the gambling market of the United States.

On the other hand, speaking on the behalf of Mazooma, Wilson Lee the president of the company stated that this partnership is going to fill the void in the US market. As the US Market has been missing instant online banking for these services for so long, and this agreement is going to provide players in the US market with this service. He also added that this service is going to guarantee that all of the players have the best online gaming experience they can get.

Mazooma payment processing network already supports 15 US banks and it already supports a wide array of merchants. This service is going to be merged with the payment system of BigPoint. This will allow players to choose instant online banking provided by Mazooma in order to avoid using their CC and its information.

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