Online Gambling News Bwin.Party loses at Court

For more than 4 years, the legal dispute that was filed by Bwin.Party in Argentina has been in courts but finally, the case is closed after the federal court in Argentina upheld the constitutionality of the regulations that resulted in the monopolization of the online gambling market in Argentina.

This monopolization was carried out by a local gambling group that is called Loteria Nacional. This group has been made the only administrator and legal operator for sport wagering on all channels which includes online wagering.

In the past, the provinces of the country were allowed to give intra province licenses to operators. One of the biggest European wagering groups applied for one of the licenses, this gambling operator was Bwin.Party digital entertainment.

It earned its licenses back in 2007 and set up an online business in Argentina. In order to succeed in the business the country started an advertising campaign in all of Argentina in order to attract players and gamblers. This grabbed the attention of the national monopoly which caused a consequent litigation back in 2008.

Since the litigation started and Bwin.Party was losing, starting with a backing of Loteria Nacional by a court in Buenos Aires. It even ordered Bwin to block the local players.

Despite this ruling but Bwin continued its offerings to the local players against the decision of the court. The company filed an appeal which was refused by the federal court of the country this week. This will result in Bwin paying a substantial amount of money for legal costs.

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