Roxy Palace Winners, Virgin Casino, Paddy Power and Lock Poker

Online Gambling in the UKRoxy Palace Online Casino Winners

Roxy Palace Online casino has announced its winners’ list for the month of July. Much to everyone’s surprise, the list included many winners who played video poker games. The surprise is the fact that rarely do video poker players appear on the winners’ list of online casinos, but for the month of July, there were several of those winners on the list.

The list contained a player called Lionel V who has won 8,256 Euros on the 6th of July while playing Jacks or Better. The first winner on the July winners’ list was Richard D. He won an amazing 3,775 Euros on the another variant for video poker which is called Joker Poker.

This game is played using a deck of 53 cards and the extra card is the joker. This joker can be used as a wild card to create the highest poker hand possible at a video poker game, excluding the natural royal flush. On the top of the winner’s list was a player called Nora P. who won an amazing 10,970 Euros while playing Double Double Poker.

It is clear that the amount of money won by each player is not as big as the wins that are typically seen on progressive slot machines. On the other hand, players don’t have to lose as much money on video poker in order to win, unlike slots.

Irish Online Gambling Market

News from about the online gambling market of Ireland as the tax proposals that were aiming to tax offshore gambling operators, presented by the Irish govt., have been progressing slowly for quite some time now. Finally, according to sources, these proposals will be up for publication sometime this week.

The thing that will be focused on and discussed heavily is the method in which the govt. will collect these taxes. The problem that faces the Irish govt. is the fact that most if not all of the online gambling industry is run by offshore operators which can be a problem for the tax collection process. This is why it is going to the focal point of the discussions.

The proposals themselves include a taxation of 1% on the turnover of the wagering exchange firms and fifteen percent tax on the commissions of these exchanges. According to sources, Simon Coveney, the cabinet minister, is certain that this draft law will be signed into law and approved by the EC. This is going to make it ready to be implemented by the beginning of next year.

Another study will also be addressed this week as the consultation of the Culture, Media & Sport Committee of Britain is going to meet up in order to discuss the online gambling business. Some of the topics that will be discussed during this meeting includes the effectiveness of the Gambling Act and how to protect vulnerable people and underage children from the hazards and dangers of online gambling among other topics.

Virgin Casino

Virgin Games has announced that it has selected the Microgaming platform, Quickfire to be the host of its new game which is a video slot. The long awaited Necker Island, has been developed by Genesis Gaming Inc. and it has been custom made exclusively for Virgin Games. This game is going to be launched very soon and will be able to be played on the Virgin Games internet casino.

This game is themed around Sir Richard Branson and his personal island in the British Virgin Islands. It is a video slot machine but it is quite different from other games of that kind. This new game has an additional symbols row and has fifty paylines.

This gives each player more chances and ways to win while playing on Necker Island. This game comes with an amazing bonus feature that gives the players ten free rounds and a Locked Wild game series as well.

Commenting on this new release, the head of products from Virgin Games, Warren Eloff has stated that they wanted to develop a game that would be custom made and exclusive to the players of Virgin Games.

This is why they have turned to Genesis Gaming as they are the perfect choice for this kind of game which is themed around Sir Richard Branson’s own personal island. Also he stated that choosing the Microgaming platform, Quickfire, was an essential choice because it would be the perfect method to convey this game to their players.

Lock Poker

A lot of heat is coming Lock Poker’s way and probably the whole Revolution Poker Network. This is due to the great amount of problems and complaints that are concerned with the financial system that is being used, especially the deposit system. More and more players each day are complaining that when they make a deposit, the credit does not get transferred to their poker account balance which makes them unable to play with the money they just deposited.

The interesting thing about this is that this wave of complaints is not the first one at Revolution Poker Network. This has happened once before when Revolution was initially launched right after the merger between Lock Poker and Cake Poker in the beginning of this year as many financial related problems and glitches were reported by the users.

The staff and board of the Revolution Network and Lock Poker are only making it worse as they haven’t made any announcements in order to assure the players and guarantee them the safety of their funds. They have not explained the reasons behind the financial glitches and they didn’t even announce that they are working on it. The users are kept in the dark and they do not like it.

Users have started to gather their forces as some are planning to boycott the website if the management keeps ignoring them and some will engage in a Twitter campaign in order to convey a message to the management of Revolution Poker Network.

Paddy Power

Great news for all the players and the fans of the internet gambling industry because they will get to see Paddy Power Group, the gambling group based in Ireland up close and in action on the 16th of July in the UK and later on CBS in America, as the gambling group is going to be featured on a reality TV show that will showcase all the details about the gambling group.

This show is known for sending undercover top executive to the business in order to interact and deal with the employees of the company in order to know their feelings and opinions about what happens in the company. It also figures out the ideas and opinions of the employees and how do they think they can help improve the company and the service that the customers get.

The episode of the reality show is going to follow William Reeves, the Chief operation officer at Paddy Power. He is going to be followed while visiting the operations during a very busy time right after the closing of the company following the Euro 2102 football championship that took place in the Ukraine.

A lot of issues that are addressed during this visit are those such as the fears that the employees always get from being robbed at the outlet retails. It will also face other issues such as customers’ abuse and the way employees of Paddy Power perceive the customers.


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