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Harriet Harman Speaks Against Gambling Act

Harriet Harman, the Shadow Culture Secretary stated in regret, that she thinks that what they did by encouraging and supporting the casinos and betting shops to spread in the high street was a terrible mistake. She said that what they did in relaxing the laws related to gambling was the wrong move. She admitted that the Labor Government was wrong to allow the high-stakes gambling machines to spread all over Britain by the hands of bookmakers by relaxing the gambling laws.

The Shadow Culture Secretary made these statements during an interview. During this interview she strongly condemned the actions of her party and especially the Gambling Act as this new law has encouraged the spread of gambling machines in high street. She also stated that these Fixed Odds Betting machines are causing terrible damage to the poorest areas of Britain. The deputy leader of the Labor Govt. has stated that she thinks that they were wrong to do that and that if they knew that this would happen, they wouldn’t have issued such laws. She added that they brought this to the country and they will have to deal with it. She added that these FOBTs are not only ruining the high street but it is ruining the lives of many people.

This is considered the first time that Harriet Harman has publically attacked and spoken against the gambling act that the govt. has issued. She said that the thing that made her do that is that she heard stories about people who became addicted to these machines. These machines that allow the punters to gamble one hundred British pounds at a time on poker, blackjack or roulette in order to have a chance to win 500 British pounds.

UK’s Addiction to FOBTs

Two major bookmakers have revealed numbers that showed the extent of the addiction of the players from the United Kingdom of their gambling machines. The two companies have revealed that more than twelve billion British pounds were used to wager on the machines during the 1st half of this year, (H1 – 2012). These two companies were William Hill and Ladbrokes. William Hill has stated that 6.6 billion British pounds were wagered on FOBTs (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals) in the 2,371 betting exchanges that the company owns during the first six months of this year, from January to June. On the other hand, Ladbrokes stated that a total sum of 6.9 billion British pounds were wagered on FOBTs as well in the 2,137 betting outlets that the company owns in the same time period.

William Hill also stated that 1.3 billion British pounds were wagered on over the counter wagers on sport games in the same time period. This includes football and horse racing. On the other hand, Ladbrokes stated that 1.2 billion British pounds were wagered the same way for the same period of time.

These numbers only includes these two companies who have a total sum of 17,000 but the total number of machines in the United Kingdom is well over thirty two thousand machine. This means that by the end of 2012, more than twenty five billion British pounds is expected to be wagered at these two bookmakers alone.

Bally Technologies Deal with H5G

Bally Technologies has signed a deal with High 5 Games. This deal is a multiyear agreement and it is going to witness the publishing of a large amount of the new High 5 Games under the umbrella of the Bally brand. These games are going to be released for B2B casino online gaming, mobile and land based markets all over the world.

Commenting on this, the VP of Product Management of Bally Technologies, Jean Venneman has stated that the company is very glad to go into partnership with a world class game developer such as High 5 Games. High 5 Games is known for its amazing games and exciting game offerings. He said that people at Bally Technologies are very excited and eager to offer the new suite of games provided by High 5 Games to the operators of online casino all across the world. This new suite of games will help increase the revenues of these operators and will surely satisfy their clients.

On the other hand, the Chief exec of High 5 Games, Anthony Singer has stated that the company is very delighted to be in a partnership deal with such a great company like Bally Technologies. He added that Bally Technologies is one of the leading companies in the world of internet casino gaming. He said that nothing will stand in the way of the new generation of the games provided by the company. This is due to the fact that these games, when integrated with the ALPHA 2 game platform provided by Bally and the new division of Bally that is dedicated to online, mobile and social B2B gaming content will only have the sky as the limit. exits Jurisdictions

There have been reports by customers of stating that the website that offers race and sports gambling services, poker and online casino games is going to be more selective on the nationality of the players who will be able to use its services. The players received an email from the website stating that starting from the 30th of August of 2012, the website,, will not be able to process money transactions in the players’ jurisdiction.

The email also advised players to withdraw all the money that they have in their accounts before the 30th of August of this year. The minimum amount for any withdrawal from is ten British pounds. After the 30th of August, the website is going to turn the balance of the players to zero as a protection to the balance of the players. The players will have to contact the client support team of to withdraw the balance. This team can be contacted via email. The email then apologized for any inconvenience and they thanked the players for their cooperation

No specific reason has been given to explain such bold move but there are many guesses. There is a speculation that the company is following the footsteps of other major companies in only offering their services in govt. regulated jurisdictions. Other say that the payment processing methods are facing difficulties in some jurisdictions or simply because the franchise is exiting the markets of these jurisdictions.

No reasons or clarification were stated behind such actions until now as has responded to an email where it showed its reasons behind such action. The e-mail stated that this action would affect certain countries only. These countries include Latvia, Ukraine, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Romania, Serbia, Uzbekistan, Slovenia and Estonia among others.

The email also stated that the company sees that it is better for the company to focus on the strong markets where the company has a strong presence and to enhance the product in these markets. It also stated that Bodog is known for providing an excellent gambling product and an amazing customer service and the company will not be able to keep this up because the company is being spread so thin. So instead of focusing on small markets that were taking too much of the resources, the company will focus on strong markets and will focus on expanding and growing these markets.

Genting Renovation of its Casino

It has been announced by Genting casino that it has completed and finalized its renovation of its Queen Square entertainment and gaming club that is located in the heart of Liverpool. This renovation was a multimillion GBP renovation. This renovation includes new bar areas and brand new restaurants. These new facilities have been added to the venue that consists of two stories. Besides that, the gambling and poker arenas have been extended and expanded as a part of the renovation process.

One of the renovated facilities is called the Fahrenheit Bar and Grill. It can be found on the ground floor of the gaming club and Casino. Another facility that got renovated was “The 1880 Bar. This bar is named after the year in which Liverpool became an official city in 1880.

Commenting on this, Carole Poulson, the general manager of the club has stated that the money that the company invested in this refurbishing process enabled the company to expand the poker and the gaming areas and facilities for the guests of the gaming club and casino. He added that these new changes will not only help the casino attract new clients but it is going to satisfy the existing players as well. It is also going to cement and strengthen the position of the casino as one of the top and most popular gaming and poker providers in the United Kingdom.

William Hill goes to Court of Appeal

William Hill, the land based and online gaming titan based in Britain has filed a formal petition in the court of Appeal versus the court ruling. This court ruling that stated that the clients who wager at the wagering exchanges are not obligated to pay any fees to the betting Levy of horseracing. William Hill bases its appeal on the ruling that by the court on the 29th of July on the basis that the ruling didn’t specify the definition of a bookmaker. It was not made clear who is to pay the levy.

William Hill has previously issued a judicial review that was against the idea of the Horse Betting Levy when it excluded the customers of the betting exchanges of paying any fees to the Levy. William Gill is intending to argue the fact that the ruling didn’t distinguish betting the various types of sports betting exchanges, especially in the contest of exchange customers. According to William Hill, the only way to fully identity and clarify these uncertainties is through appealing the case in front the Appeal Court.

Commenting on this, the Chief exec of William Hill, Ralph Topping, stated that it is very vital for all the parties involved that we take this to the Appeal Court. The parties involved are the Levy, the bookmakers and horseracing. He added that despite the many arguments that were presented in front of the judge, he decided to make up his own opinions and conclusion to identity the meaning of the problem in questioning.



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