Online Gambling News – Schleswig-Holestein Does a 180

Online GamblingThe state of Schleswig-Holestein has decided to join the rest of the fifteen federal German states in their restrictive stance against online gambling.

The shocking part is that the state of Schleswig-Holestein was the only German state that decided to go in a separate way and issued a total of thirteen poker & casino licenses and twenty-three licenses for sports wagering.

After adopting this new policy, the state will only be able to issue a total of twenty national licenses like the rest of the German states.

Despite that, the licenses that the state has issued to the different gambling operators will still be legal and valid for 6 years to come.

Before the state announced its decision, the Federal Court of Germany sought the advice of the European Court of Justice in regards to their gambling legislation and its compliance with the law of the EU.

Last December, the EC (European Commission) gave its opinion in regards to the Schleswig-Holestein plan to abandon its liberal online gambling laws and licensing system and stated that it is concerned with its new stance.

The reactions of gambling operators varied greatly. For example, one of the poker websites that succeeded in acquiring a license, Pokerstars, has stated that it supports this new stance. Pokerstars added that it would provide players with more protection.

It can also be assumed that this news is to the benefit of any license holder as it will greatly limit competition within that market.

On the other hand, last year, one of the gambling operators, Betfair, decided to exit the gambling market of Germany due to the increasing taxes.

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