Online Gambling News, Playtech’s iPoker Split

The long awaited split of Playtech’s iPoker network into 2 different tiers is finally here.

The top tier consists of major companies that include Paddy Power, Titan Poker, Poker 770, Bet365 and William Hill. These 5 poker websites have succeeded to meet the criteria for the top tier of the network and they will be the reason behind an exponential increase in the traffic which will satisfy the poker network’s need for more players.

The criteria for the top tier companies includes a minimum number of six thousand real money and active players per month and eight hundred and fifty new real money and active players per month.

This split is going to divide the online gambling network into 2 different pools that will divide all of the real money games and SNG players. This split was effective on the forth of September.

The only exception is that Multi table tournaments and Speed Poker cash tables will not be split.The internet poker websites at the iPoker network that did not meet the standards and the criteria are going to form another yet smaller liquidity pool.

They are best defined as the medium and small sized poker operators at the iPoker network. This separate pool will include Betfred and Mansion Poker to name a few.

It has also been rumored that a number of the operators in this category are having business talks in order to collaborate to provide better competition and elevate their performance.

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