Online Gambling News Out of Spain and Italy

Online gambling news coming from Spain and Italy starts with Spain confirming that online gambling licenses were issued and released on the 1st of June. There is only one problem, as there is a delay in the launching of the gambling websites that has the .es domain name. This delay in the websites going live is mutually agreed on by all involved parties, the authorities and the online gambling operators. The operations at the online gambling websites having the .es suffix is planned to go live on the 5th of June. This delay between the licensing and the launching of the website and the starting of the gambling operations has been requested by the gambling operators themselves.

The reason behind this delay as stated by the operators is that they don’t wish to start their operations on the weekend because if any technical difficulties occur, it will be hard to get it fixed during the weekend. So they prefer to initiate their operations in a normal weekday and in the morning.

As for the news that is coming from the Italian gambling market, it is concerned with the numbers that were stated by the internet gambling regulator. As the numbers indicated an eight percent slow down in April when compared to March. Sports betting with constant odds decreased to 18.1 million Euros, which is a 29.1 percent decrease when compared to March.