Online Gambling Interests in Pennsylvania

It has been confirmed by a Representative of Pennsylvania, Tina Davis, last week, that she is going to propose an intrastate internet gambling bill as soon as the upcoming week. This bill has been in the making for over a year, this is why it is expected that Pennsylvanians will be able to legally gamble eventually. Pennsylvania is home to the well-reputed “Prax Casino” that is located near Philadelphia. Recently, Pennsylvania was able to surpass the state of New Jersey as the number two gambling state in the country and with this new bill, Pennsylvania will be able to keep its competitive edge.

Kathleen Kane, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania has clearly questioned Governor Tom Corbett’s appointment of Camelot, the UK Lottery operator in a position that would enable it to run the lottery of the state of Pennsylvania. Tina Davis stated that this would not have any negative impact on her initiative to legalize internet gambling in the state.

At first, the proposed bill by Tina Davis is going to permit online blackjack and poker only in the state of Pennsylvania accompanied by any versions of these games that are being played in the existing casinos. This was done in order to strike a balance between online and land based gambling in order to prevent discouraging gamblers from going to land-based casinos. This is why these two popular online games were chosen. The online license, according to this bill, can only be issued to companies who have a Pennsylvanian table and slot game license. These games will be launched on the website of the land-based casinos. All of these games are going to be inspected by the Gaming Control Board of the state; this includes inspecting the software and the devices. The cost for such licenses is equal 16.5 million dollars and the tax rate would be equal 45%.

Players who would want to participate in online gambling will have to create an account. This account can only be registered through a licensed facility. Players will also have to link an active banking account to the account. Players will also be obligated to sign an agreement that prohibits them from allowing other players from using their accounts.

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