Online Gambling in New Jersey – Survey Results Show Increased Support

Online CasinosPublic sentiment for online gambling in New Jersey continues to take a different course based on the latest results of the Farleigh Dickinson University (FDU) PublicMind Poll, released this week. The outcome of the poll is no longer as lopsided as it was two years ago, in which 67 percent opposed the legalization move, while only 26 percent were in favor.

The results of the poll conducted from March 04 to 10 showed that to date, forty-one percent (41%) of those who participated are now in favor, while 46 percent is still against the state’s approval of Internet gambling. FDU gives a plus or minus of 3.7 percentage points as margin of error in the overall results.

A professor of political science at FDU perceives that the additional information brought up during legislation proceedings, could have swayed some of the poll voters to favor the legalization move. Another reason considered is that the increased support is merely an indication of voters accepting the unavoidable. Seventy-three percent of the poll voters gave information that they played in Atlantic City’s casinos during the most recent past twelve months.

Thirty-three percent (33%) of those who support the legalization bill indicated that the potential increase in state revenues is the main reason why they favor the bill’s ratification. Around ten percent support Internet gambling because of the convenience it poses; while 24 percent of the poll voters do not approve of gambling at all.

FDU conducted the poll by interviewing 702 registered poll participants by way of landline and mobile phones.


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