Online Gambling in Illinois

PokerThere have been major updates concerning the efforts of the state of Illinois while pursuing a legalized internet gambling market that will be managed by the state itself. These updates come in the form of the revisions that the 3rd third amendment House Bill 4148 has undergone this Friday. These revisions are expected to result in gambling games being run and managed by the affiliates

It is planned that the state lottery will develop an internet poker platform that will then become available to the casinos and horse tracks. It is expected that sixteen different casinos and horse tracks will get licensed and will get this platform. It is also expected that these casinos will be asked to pay a total of 5 million dollars in fees in order to get licensed and in order to be eligible to use the state’s poker internet platform. As for affiliates, they are not permitted to use their main poker websites. The state of Illinois is expected to earn more than a hundred million dollars from such fees from the different internet gambling operators and affiliates

There is another bill that is making its way that will result in the authorization of more land based casinos, which will include a new Chicago casino. If such gaming facilities are built, it is expected that they will be able to enter the online gaming market. This bill is known as the 1849 Senate bill, although it has succeeded to pass the House, but it isn’t supported by the governor, Pat Quinn, yet.