Online Gambling in Denmark and Ireland

Various gambling news from Europe has emerged this week. For starters, the first news comes from the Danish market. Denmark has recently legalized and regulated its online gambling market. As a result, it has deemed any advertising carried out by unregulated and unlicensed gambling operators to be against the law.  This ban includes any printed and digital advertisements. It also includes any information about the name of the website or any contact information. This prohibition has been stated through an advisory that was posted on the website of the Danish regulator. It also included that any unregulated and unlicensed operators who will not comply with these rules will be penalized.

Now onto another country, Ireland, as there are unconfirmed reports that the law to tax internet gambling companies will not be implemented until 2014. The reason behind this delay was stated by Paul Kehoe, the minister, as he stated that there are far more important and vital issues to be focused on by the lawmakers such as the economy and the whole crisis with the Euro.

Hence, taxing internet gambling firms has been postponed. The govt. intends to present this proposal at the beginning of 2013 so it can have enough time to undergo the consultative and the debate processes. Hence, it will be ready to be signed into law by the year 2014. Of course, this news is considered as happy news for the internet gambling firms that are based in Ireland.