Online Gambling Developers Conference

Quickfire, the worldwide developer that is powered by Microgaming has held its very first QuickFire Developers conference. This conference had a lot of online gambling operators and other developers. All of these companies and firms sat together to talk about the latest technology and development that can be implemented to enhance the Quickfire gaming platform.

A total sum of forty gambling operators sent their delegates and twelve different development members have taken part in the discussion carried out by Quickfire. The discussion contained other main points, such as the platform systems and of course, the much awaited workshop. This whole conference had the main goal of having all operators and developers under one roof with Quickfire experts in order for them to know all the updates and gain the needed knowledge from them. All of this is done in order for them to provide better service and of course to take part in the whole Quickfire platform strategy.

The delegates’ comments from the various gambling operators were very positive and supportive.  As the representatives from Betsson, Unibet, Sky Betting & Gaming and BetClic all agreed that the conference was a very good idea. They added that this conference offers a new approach to business and offers important knowledge that would be beneficial for everyone in the e gaming market. By this conference, it is clear that QuickFire has taken the main lead role in bringing all the operators and developers together under one roof to exchange knowledge.

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