Online Gambling Company Ladbrokes and the Liverpool Question

Online Gambling in the UKThe city government of Liverpool have turned down Ladbrokes’ plan to open a wagering shop right in front of the town hall of the city of Liverpool. They claimed that it would hurt and damage the World Heritage Site of the city.

Ladbrokes has showed its intention to open up its wagering shop after placing a bid for the former Starbucks shop that was located at the junction of Water Street and Castle Street. Responding to the ruling, Ladbrokes stated that it would appeal against their decision.

The details behind the refusal, as stated by the city council say that the alterations that will occur to the building, including the installation of satellite dishes are very undesirable. They also said that it would detract from the setting and the character of the Castle Street Conservation Area and the World Heritage Site of the Maritime Mercantile City. Although the decision seems justified, it is expected to raise a lot of eyebrows since the council has agreed on the plans of Peel Holding’s regarding Liverpool Waters. They agreed on such plans despite the given warning by the cultural inspectors of the United Nations who warned them that these plans might damage the waterfront and might cause it to lose its status as a World Heritage Site.

Cllr Nick Small, the Central Ward, has shown his approval of the decision of the council by stating that he thinks that it was the right decision and that the plans of Ladbrokes should have been refused and knocked back.  He added that it is not a suitable location for a bookmaker to open up shop right in front of the City Hall which is located in one of the historic streets of the city of Liverpool. Although there are numerous betting shops along Dale and Castle street but this is about fitting with the surroundings, which in this case, the Town Hall.

According to the reports of the officers, Ladbrokes was planning to add air conditioning units and satellites alongside changing the door. The report also stated that these additions are considered visually damaging additions to the buildings which will affect the appearance of the site and damage its heritage. This decision is not final, as Ladbrokes has shown its intention to appeal the decision.

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