Online Dating API Makes a Huge Impact on Dating Apps

online datingAPP Developers Get a Boon with a Game Changing API from VisionSync

With the immediate success of the iPhone App Smart Dating and the award winning, respected and established Facebook App, Social Connect, VisionSync is making their experience in online dating and technology available through a new API, simply called Dating API. By offering an open API to new online dating developers, VisionSync is releasing an out of the box, social networking API that can be used for thousands of new ideas and startups in the fields of gaming, content distribution, online dating and even for the development of corporate apps for retail services and internal communications.

Dating API

Dating API possesses the power to connect users across a massive network, being able to view other profiles, interact with other social media such as FB, Twitter, Pandora and Netflix. While the initial focus of Dating API is for online dating, its application is limitless. In the way that Foursquare changed the ease of adding global location tracking data, Dating API takes that a step further with multiple combined services offering a full-scale solution for the backbone of new social media applications.

Developer Registration

Developer registration is open at It is currently unclear if it is a limited initial release to developers, so best go on the idea of first come first serve to secure your access to the API.

Online Dating, Marketing & Games an API That Changes Everything

Find out more details over at The Next Web article, which includes comments by VisionSync innovator and co-founder Steven Sykes.

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