Online Casino Technology to Help Gamblers Play Responsibly

Casino GamesOnline Casino Technology to Help Gamblers Play Responsibly

Among the topics discussed during the 15th International Conference on Gambling & Risk Taking, held last week at Caesar’s Palace in Nevada, were the new technologies currently in use by online casinos to minimize the potential risks of gambling addiction among online players.

One such technology mentioned is Playscan™, the behavioral tracking software that online casinos and players use as a proactive gaming tool. The technology has tracking and assessment capabilities aimed at educating and communicating information to players on how they could gamble online responsibly.

As a proactive harm minimization instrument, the technology includes an analysis engine that evaluates an online player’s gambling habits, presented by way of color-coded graphics to indicate the player’s current risk levels.

  • Green denotes a healthy level, which online players and casino operators are encouraged to maintain in order to build a sustainable relationship.
  • Yellow is indicative that the player is at risk, which points out the need to prevent upcoming problems by using the site’s Responsible Gaming tools. Examples of such tools include setting limits and boundaries to one’s gaming time, wagers, and/or games played; or to take a cooling-off period.
  • Red means the player is already in the problematic zone and needs advice as well as motivation to change his or her gambling habits.

As a gambling communication tool, the program sends messages to the players and online casino employees if a person has reached the level of time and/or money he or she has set as threshold for gambling activities.

As an educational resource, the technology raises players’ awareness about the effects of excessive gambling. It also provides information about the options available on how they could prevent unhealthy gambling behavior. This is in order to keep their gaming activities within the bounds of a fun and recreational activity.