Online Casino Market in Spain Opens

Spanish Online Casino Market Opens with Big Named Gambling Operators

Finally, the Spanish online casino market is opened. This news comes after months of postponing, many missed deadlines, various decisions by the authorities concerning back taxes and new regulations.  Big named internet gambling operators were present with.  Some of those open for business are 888, PokerStars,, Poker770 and Party Casino. All of these operators launched their .es gambling websites. The .es websites are aiming to isolate the players from Spain from playing with gamblers from outside of Spain.

First Days of Spain’s Online Casino Market

According to reports, the first day at the Spanish market went pretty well. The first day went well despite the fact that the authorities and the regulators had made an announcement at the last minute possible that obligates the operators to delete their entire client database and to start from scratch. This announcement aims to provide a fair playing field for all the operators. The announcement also stated that the operators should not interfere in any way with the transferring of the players from the old websites to the new .es gambling websites. This announcement did not only affect the operators but it affected the affiliates as well.

This announcement has caused so much trouble and confusion to all the operators as following the announcement, the operators noted that this rule was not to come into effect until the 15th of June. This gave the operators at least some kind of window.

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