Online Betting vs. in Store Betting Report

Online Gambling Horse RacingIt has been stated by one of the biggest bookmakers in Ireland, which is named McLean’s, that gamblers prefer placing wagers in land based wagering shops than doing it over the internet. The main reason behind that is that they prefer immediate cash payments. This announcement came as a result of a survey that was carried out by Ipsos MORI that was commissioned by the firm. This survey had 700 participants made up of different ages, sexes and from different regions.

The survey’s results stated that land based wagering shops and bookmakers are the first choice for gamblers in Northern Ireland. It also stated that the wagering and the bets increased because of the Euro 2012 championship. This increase affected betting shops four times than it affected internet wagering as clients prefer to get their payments in cash. As for the numbers of the betting shops and bookmakers in Northern Ireland, the survey stated that there are almost three hundred recognized shops but almost 2/3 of the industry is owned independently. It also stated that most bets are on soccer and horse racing, as these two sports are the most wagered on sports.

Commenting on this survey, the director of McLean’s, Paul McLean has stated that despite the fact that online wagering and betting has been growing rapidly; most gamblers still prefer to place their bets in wagering offices. This is the reason that there are still a lot of betting offices in high street despite the growth of online wagering.

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